Proposal rating and discussion has started

With the exception of Innovation Academy students finishing their proposals, all MSC activity now should be focused on rating individual proposals and discussing the relative merits of proposals, with the aim of deciding which proposals should be part of the MSC platform. Continue this activity through noon on Tuesday, November 27. (UM students, you may take time off for the Thanksgiving holiday, but NOT the entire week.)


Proposal rating begins THURSDAY (Nov. 15)

Proposal rating and discussion begins Thursday, November 15 and will continue until noon on Tuesday, November 27. During the proposal rating period, all editing of proposals must stop so that everyone is rating and discussing the same proposals. (Exception: Students at Innovation Academy may continue to work on their proposals until they are complete.) You will be allowed to edit your proposals again after the rating period is over, so if you have ideas for changes or additions, please hold onto them and make the changes after November 27.

Deadline extensions; Proposal final drafts due soon

Please note  the following calendar changes:

  1. Your Proposal Final Draft is due by the end of the evening, Wednesday, November 14. The formal proposal language and all parts of the proposal document must be complete by that time.

  2. The proposal rating and discussion period will take place starting Nov. 15 and continuing until NOON on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Please also keep in mind:

Formal proposals

Now that you have had a chance to explore different potential solutions, it’s time to choose the best aspects of those solutions and synthesize them into a draft of your formal proposal.

As you make your decisions about what will go into your formal proposal, think about what elements would be most likely to address the needs and goals of your primary persona. At the same time, think about which combination of elements is most:

  • feasible (what can actually be done, considering practical, financial, and political factors?),

Hearing date; Three solutions due Oct. 28


Our hearing date has been confirmed as follows:

Wednesday, December 12, 9:00 - 11:00 AM

Location: State Capitol Building in Lansing, Room 426

Please note that attendance is mandatory for all UM MSC members.


Now that you have framed your problem from the point of view of your persona, your key task for this week is to create at least three different, contrasting solutions that could address the problem for that person in some way. At this point, the goal is to generate as many different kinds of potential solutions as possible -- withhold judgment about your own ideas, and don’t worry about feasibility yet. Dream big!

Persona/POV due Sunday; Proposal Check-in

Two items for UM students:

1. Your Persona and POV Statement are due by the end of the day this coming Sunday. The aim in creating both of these is to consider the question, “Whose problem is this?”

In creating a persona, you will imagine a person whose needs are at the center of the issue you have identified in your media artifact, and you will give this person a name, age, background, and goals. Then as you move forward, you’ll be crafting your proposal to first and foremost meet this person’s needs. The POV statement is a concise formulation of those needs, framing the problem in terms of your persona's goals.

See this doc for detailed instructions.

2. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for your proposal check-in ASAP. The FINAL DAY available for sign up is  Friday, OCT. 26.  

Proposal check-ins and upcoming Town Halls

Proposal check-in sign up (UM students only)

EDUC 362 students: Proposal check-in meetings will take place Oct. 17-26. Please sign up on this doc as soon as possible, to make a 20-minute appointment with faculty to talk about your evolving proposal.  If you are working with a partner, please choose a time when you can come in together.

Town Hall meetings

There are about a dozen different events that can count as town hall meetings this month, all listed in the EVENTS section. UM students, looking at the remaining listings, if your schedule is such that by the end of the month you will not have been able to attend at least two town hall events,* please contact the instructors right away.

Media artifact responses, Persona/POV statements, and more

Proposal formatting

Thanks to everyone who started proposal documents and posted links to media artifacts. We have a few instructions and requests, with the aim of making the proposals easier to access and read.

  1. We messed up and put two places in the proposal template for a link to your artifact -- one at the top under pre-proposal and one under Background and Research Process. Please forgive us and also put your link in both places so it can be found extra-easily.

  2. If you put your name(s) into the title of the proposal, please take it out, leaving a descriptive title only. If you are co-authoring your proposal, editing the document once will add your name as a contributor on the page, and we will know that the proposal is yours.

  3. The link to your media artifact should be a descriptive title with an active link, not a URL in the text.

Reminders for UM students

EDUC 362 students, please take note:

Keep in mind that you need to be making substantial contributions to the MSC site on at least 3 days per week, each and every week up through the proposal rating and platform discussion phase, which will end November 25 (adjustments to the end date may be be made depending on when the hearing is scheduled -- we're working on that now). "Substantial contributions" can include comments anywhere on the site, new discussion topics, and making substantial additions to your proposal (including posting a link to your Media Artifact). This is the bare minimum requirement for a grade of B or higher.

Also keep in mind that you need to attend at least two town hall meetings. There are currently five events listed for the month of October, and while we may add a couple more, do not wait -- plan to attend at least two of the listed events. Before the event be sure to do the readings listed in the event posting, and if it's a "counts as" town hall, email the instructors afterwards with a short paragraph to verify your attendance.

Town halls, media artifacts, service check-in, TC office hours

Reminder about Town Hall meetings: There are a number of “alternative” Town Hall meetings posted in “Events”  (Please note that EDUC 362 students are required to attend at least two Town Hall meetings; a few more will be listed in the coming weeks, but don’t delay. Also, if you have attended an alternative Town Hall, be sure to write a paragraph about your take-aways and send it to the instructors at )