Fast Food Options in School Cafeterias

As meal preferences change for all grade school students, cafeterias are beginning to ditch the mashed potatoes and meatloaf. Many cafeterias across the nation now contain fast food items such as Panda Express rice bowls, Subway, and Little Ceasar's Pizza. Why the sudden change? Cafeteria workers / program coordinators argue that they must cater to student's fast food desires in order to keep their programs up and running. 

While public cafeterias receive money for the government in order to provide meals to students on free or reduced lunch programs, these funds only cover a portion of typical school cafeteria operations. The remainder of a cafeteria program's revenue comes from paying students who desire branded food items. These food items bring in the highest level of revenue as well. 

However, while these actions may make economic sense - what about the health of our students? Are we putting economic benefit ahead of our student's health concerns. Where could be find a happy medium? I am excited to hear thoguths from the caucus.