Feedback on your Media Artifacts & the Prospectus

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Feedback on Media Artifacts

Know that the topic coordinators will be partnering with each proposal authoring team to offer support and advice, starting with feedback on your media artifacts this week. The faculty are also reviewing the media artifacts and will make comments if we have concerns about the direction your work has taken.

Meanwhile, please look at several media artifacts posted by others, and comment constructively on them (use the comments area at the bottom of the proposal page). If you wish, you may make revisions of your media artifact based on that feedback.

Topic Coordinator Media Artifacts

While you have been working on your media artifacts, the Topic Coordinators have secretly been working on their own. The difference is the subject of their media artifacts is the MSC itself. Check out what they came up with -- we think you’ll find a wealth of good advice and guidance as you craft your proposals and engage with others in the Caucus.

The Prospectus

By March 11th, you (and your proposal co-author, if you have one) need to post on the MSC site your written prospectus, in which you describe in detail the specific issue or problem you’ve identified. You post this in the proposal "shell" you created, just as you did with the media artifact.

Although you have already taken an in-depth look at some of the major issues facing Michigan, we hope that as you move from your media artifact to your prospectus you start narrowing your focus to a more specific problem.

In writing your prospectus, you will want to make sure it starts with a sentence that clearly defines the problem or challenge that your proposal will eventually address. The remainder of the prospectus should explain why that problem or challenge is of crucial importance to students in Michigan, backing up your argument with evidence and data. In describing the issue or problem you’ve chosen, please be sure to provide sufficient context so that someone less familiar with the issue has a sense of the bigger picture, but know that your focus here is on a more detailed spelling out of the problem or issue that you’ve identified. You may also want to identify some areas or topics for your further research.

We’ll be looking for evidence of your clear understanding of the problem and the factors that might have caused it. We expect that this prospectus will be at least 250 words in length, though the cogency of your writing and thinking is the most important element. Be sure to include references to sources you located during your research. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the instructors via email:

Ongoing Online Activity

As you work on your prospectus this week and other parts of your proposal in the coming weeks, please continue to post in the topic area discussions as well. As we move closer to writing proposals, be sure to frame the issues in terms of the interests of students in the State of Michigan, broadly speaking. For those in EDUC 362, work on your proposal and comments on other proposals do count as posts toward your online activity requirements. You may naturally end up focusing a lot on the topic area where your proposal is, but don’t limit yourself exclusively to that area -- you’ll find that discussions in different areas can inform your thinking about your proposal and bring up ideas and angles that you might not think of if you were too narrowly focused on one topic.  

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