Freedom of Speech on College Campuses - Richard Spencer

As many of you know, Richard Spencer has requested to speak on college campuses throughout the country. Last Semester at U of M, Spencer and his team reached out to school adminstrators seeking to speak on campus. As many of you know, Spencer is known for his white supremacist beliefs. He stands for everything that the university does not stand for. Spencer coming to speak on campus has proved to be a highly controversial topic on campus this year, and I'd like to open up the discussion to the caucus to hear your views. 

President Schlissel has came out with some public statements surrounding Spencer's appearance on campus: 

"After consulting widely with many members of our community, I made the difficult decision to begin discussions with Richard Spencer’s group to determine whether he will be allowed to rent space to speak on the University of Michigan campus. If we cannot assure a reasonably safe setting for the event, we will not allow it to go forward." 

When Spencer requested to speak at MSU, his request was denied. As a result, Spencer put legal pressure on the university: "White supremacist Richard Spencer will speak for two hours on Michigan State University's campus on March 5, the university and Spencer's lawyers have agreed. That is the first day of MSU's spring break. The agreement came in a settlement of a lawsuit filed by attorney Kyle Bristow against MSU after it denied Spencer's representatives space to speak on campus."

U of M will ultimately allow Spencer to speak on campus according to MLive. 

Questions to Consider:

1. Did the university make the right choice?

2. Does Spencer deserve the right to speak on college campuses?

3. Should there be limits to free speech?