Groundwater and Drinking Water Pollution in Michigan

Wolverine Worldwide dumped dangerous Scotchgard chemicals in multiple dumpsites in Rockford, Michigan, just outside of Grand Rapids. "The chemicals quietly polluted groundwater and drinking water wells for decades – and state and local officials are now trying to determine the scope of the problem. A cancer study is underway, and wells are being tested." 

One dumpsite was confirmed within half a mile from East Rockford Middle School, forcing them to switch to bottled water immediately. This is obviously not a permanent fix, since the school will not be able to afford bottled water forever. What should Wolverine have to do in order to protect these students and nearby residents from the damage they have done? What should Michigan do about this incident and many others across the state of groundwater and drinking water pollution? 

Wolverine is "searching for its disposal records" to even figure out where to begin. How should Michigan handle companies like this that have been around for years, but haven't always been forced to follow environmental guidelines? 

I am using the case of Wolverine as just one example. Groundwater and drinking water pollution is a problem across the state as well.