Lack of Equity in Test Prep Resources: A Barrier to Post-Secondary Education Attainment?

When it comes to attaining a post-secondary education, entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT become a very important aspect in getting into colleges for students across the country. Preparing for these exams can be very stressful, as we all know since submitting a score was necessary to be admitted to the University of Michigan. Many students who end up doing well on the SAT or ACT have prepared extensively with private tutors and preperation classes with in-person instructors

These resources cost a significant amount of money, especially private tutors which can be as expensive as $100 per hour. As a result, studies have proved that students who come from  wealthier families who may be able to provide such resources for their child with more ease than others consistently get higher SAT and ACT scores. As you can see in the graph attached, there is a linear pattern between household income and SAT scores in the US. 

How can we bridge this gap and make sure that students with lower household incomes have the same access to resources as students with higher household incomes? How do we create equity among students when it comes to standardized test preparation in order to provide all students with the same level of confidence when it comes to achieving post-secondary education?