The Walking Man

Glen Stegman TC's picture

Just before Michigan resident James Robertson won the lottery, he used to walk 21-miles to and from work every single day. Robertson, known as “the Walking Man”, no longer fits his reputation anymore and actually purchased car to drive himself to work every day. Currently, he drives a 2015 Ford Taraus as he feels like that specific car is representative of himself in the fact that it’s simple, just like he is.

I brought this topic up so that we can focus more on the fact about why Robertson had to walk 21 miles every day. I believe that the problem here lies in the fact that there are citizens in Michigan who do not have access to the proper means of transportation that they should have. Furthermore, I think that Robertson exemplifies the transportation issue in this state and how the current transportation is not sufficient.

I would like to hear what you all think about this story of Robertson. What can the state do in the future from preventing this from happening again? Is it the states duty to make sure that every citizen has access to the necessary transportation that they may need or is it the particular citizens? I am looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts.