Platt Road Project, 20 Year Plan, and Library Lot deal

At Wednesday's town hall meeting with Sara Saylor from the Ginsburg Center, we discussed the transition from assessing community needs to establishing laws in Michigan. Some things I learned about were the prevalent income inequality, lack of affordable housing, and food insecurity that exists in Ann Arbor. With Ann Arbor being ranked one of the most educated cities in the United States, it may come as a surprise that the city has a high level of economic segregation and low social mobility. It's clear that Ann Arbor residents have higher incomes than neighboring areas such as Ypsilanti.

I'd like to further the discussion from the town hall by extending the conversation to students who were unable to attend on Wednesday. I'm curious to see what the caucus thinks about some of the recent initiatives and deals that are taking place in the Ann Arbor area.

Research the following topics relating to affordable housing in Ann Arbor and Michigan as a whole:

What are your thoughts on either or all of these initiatives?

Do you think they are solving Ann Arbor's affordable housing problem?

Or not? And if not, do you have any other ideas that can potentially solve affordable housing, income inequality, and food insecurity within Ann Arbor and the greater state of Michigan?

Looking forward to reading about your insights on these topics.